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Project WILD teaches young people how to think about wildlife, not what to think. Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade learn basic concepts about wild animals, their needs and importance, and their relationships to people and the environment. The hands-on, diverse activities help develop problem-solving and decision making skills in determining responsible human actions.

Growing Up WILD: Exploring Nature with Young Children is Project WILD's early childhood education activity guide. It builds on the learning styles and interests of young children to foster an interest and appreciation of wildlife and the natural world around them. A variety of activities build positive impressions of nature while aiding children's cognitive growth and development

The Science and Civics guide is designed around the same framework as Project WILD, but it is designed to involve young people (grades 9-12) in decisions affecting people, wildlife, and the habitat they share in their community. This curriculum can help students and teachers effectively meet state science and social studies standards.

For more information on these courses, click here to access the ODNR conservation education page.

OBEC Training Course NASBLA Certified
What is OBEC? OBEC is Ohio's official boating education course. This standardized 8-hour course is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and is offered throughout Ohio to supplement other boating education opportunities. Course content focuses on Ohio and Federal boating laws including equipment requirements, operating laws, rules of the road, and buoy systems, plus topics of risk management, basic safety practices, and survival in emergencies.

Passport to Fishing The Passport to Fishing program provides skills, techniques and information that allows any beginning angler to start fishing in their own community. The program consists of four stations focusing on hands-on participation and a strong conservation message. Passport to Fishing programs are conducted by trained volunteer instructors.The Passport to Fishing program is designed to be:
  • Appealing to various age and interest groups

  • Adjustable to highlight activities and species unique to a particular region

  • Appropriate to any skill and education level

  • Adaptable to any setting whether inside or at the water's edge

  • Can be taught throughout the year

For more information on passport to fishing, click here to access the ODNR aquatic education page.